CASSIDIAN technology secured radio communication at Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo

Tetra | 2011-04-19

TETRA technology by Cassidian was used to support the large scale sports event with secure radio communication

Fisher Wireless Launches Digital SMR Network in California

Dmr | 2011-04-15

The SMR plans to provide up to 50 connected digital high sites encompassing a single footprint covering the majority of California and Arizona.

Europoltech 2011 successfully started - Warsaw, Poland

Tetra | 2011-04-14

International fair of Technology and Equipment for the Police and National Security

AIVD (Dutch Intelligence and Security Service) approves security solutions

Tetra | 2011-04-14

supporting SNS standard, including PSTN, GSM, TETRA & satellite networks

Applications are the future for TETRA

Tetra | 2011-04-14

"We will see TETRA increasingly integrated with other radio networks and applications via IP Technology..."

Safemobile present @ Europoltech

Tetra | 2011-04-14

Demonstrating SafeDispatch 4.0, SafeDispatch LITE and SafeNet

March/April issue of BAPCO Journal just released

Tetra | 2011-04-14

Focus on TETRA

WRAP is now available also for TETRA Networks

Tetra | 2011-04-13

WRAP is a comprehensive system, ideally suited for all TETRA applications in public safety

MAC Ltd to demonstrate the latest CRIBS™ on TWC 2011

Tetra | 2011-04-12

CRIBS is being used to determine TETRA coverage for the 2012 Olympic events in the UK...

DAMM at TETRA World Congress

Tetra | 2011-04-12

Building a robust TETRA telecommunications system - real-time - in just 30 minutes..

Sepura signs up key partner in India

Tetra | 2011-04-12

"Raxa is an established specialist in the communications arena in India..."

Page One to sponsor BAPCO Live

Tetra | 2011-04-12

UK’s leading provider of mobile messaging solutions to the public and enterprise sectors...

Airwave acquires Scottish mobile data provider

Tetra | 2011-04-12

Kelvin Connect becomes part of Airwave Solutions

Sepura launches new ‘state of the art’ customer training facility

Tetra | 2011-04-11

a multi-purpose room designed for technical learning and development as well as workshops and conferences.

Thorcom Systems wins major £1.3 million communications contract in Qatar

Tetra | 2011-04-11 was the only company to offer full integration with both GPRS and TETRA.

TETRA World Congress to become a benchmark for learning and networking opportunities

Tetra | 2011-04-11

Learning from 150+ case studies, interviews, panels and presentation

FCC Reviewing TETRA Potential

Tetra | 2011-04-11

the matter is now “on circulation” among all of the FCC Commissioner offices..

MOTOROLA: The future is bright for TETRA

Tetra | 2011-04-07

"the argument for upgrading TETRA networks to TEDS will become more compelling..."

Suicide attack puts network to the test at Domodedovo

Tetra | 2011-04-07

"The communications were heavily used during the emergency, producing high peaks of traffic"

Airwave undertakes major retune of TETRA network in London area

Tetra | 2011-04-07

Airwave is the largest TETRA network in the world