Ooredoo Provides over 8,000 TETRA Connections for Qatar 2022

Tetra | 2023-01-02

Stadiums, key control centres and other venues were kitted out with equipment allowing dedicated talk groups for functions such as security, management and ticketing.

RadioResource Media Group Disappears after After 37 Years Credible Journalism


Paul Nelson-Shira: the business model of advertising-supported media in the critical communications sector is no longer viable.

Samsung's MCPTX Solutions Support NTT Private 5G Network at QUINTBRIDGE

Lte | 2022-12-31

Goal is to connect Samsung Electronics' high-performance multimedia MCPTX communication system to the local 5G open demonstration environment built by NTT Business Solutions at NTT West's QUINTBRIDGE

International Vertical Marathon Runs Safely with Hytera PoC Radio Devices

Lte | 2022-12-31

PNC380 PoC Radios and PNC560 5G XSecure Rugged Devices were chosen for the on-site team communications during the event.

Caltta Celebrates 10-year Progress and Growth


Caltta was established as a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation to focus on critical communications technologies and solutions and it became an independent company at the beginning of 2021.

Inrico Empowers Leading New Energy Vehicle Giant with iConvNet Critical Communications Solution

Lte | 2022-12-31

INRICO created an end-to-end ecosystem that integrates voice, video, data and intelligent analytics on a single platform that can provide enterprises with the security operations needed.

Lower Saxony Ministry Awards HMF with Certificate “Zukunftsfest”


This year, a total of 23 certificates were awarded.

Canadian Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers met to Discuss PSBN and National Alerting

Lte | Messaging | 2022-12-22

Ministers discussed the Emergency Management Strategy for Canada and the development of the 2023-2024 Action Plan.

POCSTARS Delivers PoC System to Push-to-talk Service Provider

Lte | 2022-12-22

Since POCSTARS has much experience in independent deployment, POCSTARS completed delivering the PoC system in just one week.

Tampnet, the World's Largest Offshore Telecoms Network Operator, has Joined TCCA


Tampnet is now also providing connectivity to airlines travelling across the North Sea, through the European Aviation Network.

India Public Safety Users to Receive Airbus’ Tactilon Agnet Solution

Tetra | Lte | 2022-12-22

Airbus’ Tactilon Agnet is a future-proof modern, easy-to-use, flexible and scalable platform for business and mission-critical users alike.

Motorola Solutions Acquires Rave Mobile Safety, a Leader in Mass Notification and Incident Management

Lte | 2022-12-22

State and local governments and enterprises, including hospitals, rely on Rave's cloud-native, customizable platform to support emergency coordination

Mentura to Participate in Project Alpha - Focussing on Hybrid Threats and Situational Awareness


Research and new competences in situational awareness of hybrid operations

Lithuania Modernizes Frontline Policing with Body-Worn Cameras from Motorola Solutions


National Police and Border Guard Service adopting body-worn cameras to improve safety and transparency

BK Technologies Presents its First BKRplay Software - Enabling Operational Interoperability

Lte | P25 | 2022-12-07

InteropONE enables an authorized public safety first responder to easily create heterogenous groups on-demand, within minutes.

Specialist Telecoms Training Academy Wray Castle Joins The Critical Communications Association

Ccr | Tetra | Lte | Critical-control-rooms | 2022-12-07

Wray Castle delivers training courses across a range of telecommunication technologies with a focus on professional mobile radio covering mission critical broadband, TETRA and DMR.

Hytera Works with Indonesian Masters Golf Tournament 2022 as Technology Sponsor

Lte | 2022-12-05

The PoC solution spearheads the operation, streamlining communications and coordination within and between work teams.

Zener Marine Technology Supports World Cup 2022 with Hytera Two-way Radios

Tetra | 2022-12-05

Many of the staff, officials, as well as volunteers working across the 45 official and non-official sites are using Hytera devices to ensure smooth team communication and collaboration.

BDBOS Builds a Critical Communications Development & Research Environment with TETRA, LTE and 5G

Tetra | Lte | 2022-12-02

With the KoPa_45 project, which is funded by the federal government's Corona stimulus package, BDBOS is promoting innovation for BOS broadband digital radio.