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Legislation Not Technology Could Impede Public Safety Prioritisation On Commercial Networks, Says TCCA

Lte | 2019-06-06

New white paper from TCCA’s Broadband Industry Group looks at the status and challenges of implementing priority mechanisms for first responders.

TCCA Sets Out Roadmap for Critical Communications Evolution


New white paper details timelines for introduction of critical broadband capability.

PSCE Publishes New Whitepaper on 5G PPDR Needs

Lte | 2018-12-17

This new whitepaper considers new 5G capabilities in their intended and beneficial form. However, technical validation in real situations and PPDR end user evaluation are crucial to make informed decisions over the coming years.

PSCE Launches New White Paper on Next Generation Emergency Communications

Lte | 2018-10-05

The document addresses the current state of emergency services and the challenges linked to the evolution towards Next Gen. emergency communications and focusses on the vision of the H2020 EMYNOS project.

TETRA-LTE Connectivity in Focus as Mission-Critical Broadband Market Set for Strong Growth

Tetra | Lte | 2018-09-18

With revenues generated by the mission critical LTE ecosystem set to increase across all major sectors, there is a growing need for efficient and seamless options to interconnect TETRA networks with emerging critical broadband networks.

Joint Whitepaper Explores Increase in DMR Tier III Adoption 
for Mission Critical Communications

Dmr | 2018-08-30

Hytera, jointly announced the release of a new white paper entitled “DMR Trunked: Next Generation of LMR Technology” with IHS Markit, a global analysis firm specializing in the critical communications industry.

5G Americas Publishes ‘Public Warning Systems in the Americas’ Report

Messaging | 2018-07-24

Cell broadcast-based Public Warning Systems (PWS) is currently the most effective technical solution for large group emergency notifications above other alerting methods in the Americas.

TCCA Publishes Whitepaper '4G and 5G for Public Safety'

Lte | 2017-06-08

The TCCA announced that it has created an overview document to clarify the basics of public safety 3GPP standardisation, the 3GPP ecosystem, 4G LTE applicability for public safety, and to look forward to the potential of 5G.

Sepura Launches Whitepaper on TETRA and GSM-R

Tetra | 2017-05-16

The document, written by Sepura looks at both TETRA and GSM-R, and compares the two technologies. It covers aspects relating to their performance and features, showing why TETRA has important advantages in comparison with GSM-R in a wide number of areas.

TETRA and Critical Communications Association announces new Whitepaper on TETRA Data Solutions

Tetra | 2016-12-19

The TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA) today announced that they released a new Whitepaper (TETRA Data Solutions – The Current Status) on the use of TETRA data solutions.

Nokia: First Mission Critical Services Could Already be Available in 2018

Tetra | Lte | 2016-11-29

Nokia just published a Whitepaper that makes a comparison between LTE and TETRA, which is the leading legacy technology for mission and business critical communications.

The TCCA releases New Whitepaper on Broadband PPDR Spectrum

Lte | 2016-07-19

The Whitepaper aims at presenting the current status of spectrum identification for Broadband PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief) within Europe and ITU region 1 by extension

Huawei and IHS Announce Whitepaper to Advance LTE in Public Safety

Lte | 2016-05-30

Huawei today announced that it partnered with IHS, a leading global analysis firm in the critical communications industry, to develop a whitepaper entitled “LTE in Public Safety”.

Sepura releases Whitepaper on sending sending images from the control room to the field

Ccr | 2016-02-12

The whitepaper explains how it works, and how the application can play a vital role in ensuring success in an emergency situation, while at the same time reducing costs.

PSCE publishes Whitepaper on Ultra-broadband PMR

Lte | 2016-01-26

Today Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE) published a new white paper Ultra-broadband PMR that focuses on five business models for enhanced mission critical operations.

Motorola Solutions introduces Campus Safety Security to improve Campus Safety

Dmr | 2015-11-03

You can now download the Campus Safety white paper to find out how to increase the safety of your staff, patients and visitors while improving operational efficiency campus-wide

Omnitronics releases new Whitepaper

Dmr | 2014-10-07

Omnitronics have released a new White Paper on how radio communications continues to shape business in the resources industry

Mutualink Whitepaper Addresses FirstNet Collaboration Challenges

Lte | 2014-08-13

The goals of The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) are challenging but achievable, according to a new whitepaper published this week by Mutualink.