TETRA  |   LTE  |  2018-10-13

Professional Communication Corporation – Nedaa gears up for GITEX Technology Week

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Nedaa’s pavilion to feature innovative smart products from leading industry players driving UAE’s digital transformation.

Professional Communication Corporation - Nedaa, the Dubai Government security networks provider, is all set for this year’s edition of GITEX Technology Week, the much-anticipated annual event in Dubai that will kick off on October 14 and run until October 18 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Nedaa will be hosting its major partners, Airbus, Nokia and Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions, at its pavilion located at B-11, Sheikh Saeed Hall 3. The leading companies will demonstrate their latest 4G communications technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) applications operating through Nedaa 4G network, a major information technology (IT) infrastructure critical to Dubai’s smart transformation efforts.

H.E. Mansoor Bu Osaiba, CEO, Nedaa, said: “Nedaa’s strategic collaboration with Airbus, Nokia, and Esharah reflects its unrelenting commitment to partner with the most prominent names in the area of telecommunications. At GITEX, we will join forces to showcase the power of Nedaa private 4G network and other next-generation technologies and demonstrate how we can harness them to enable users to fully optimize their benefits. We will also take the opportunity to convey Nedaa’s message that it will continue to work as one with major industry players to innovate smart products, solutions, and technologies vital to the mission of public safety agencies.”

Participating under the theme “Intelligence Shared,” Airbus will showcase during the event its real-time virtual reality (VR) Secure Mobile Virtual Network Operator (SMVNO) using the Tactilon Secure MVNO solution. By displaying the solution, the company will aim to emphasize the role of broadband services such as VR, augmented reality (AR), and sensors in effectively building and running intelligent cities. SMVNO is designed to increase situational awareness during emergencies to save more lives and protect property.

Apart from SMVNO, Airbus will also feature its innovative apps ecosystem developed to aid organizations operate in new and better ways. They include the Tactilon Dabat, the world's first integrated Android smartphone and full TETRA radio--all rolled into one; the Tactilon Agnet, which allows multimedia group communication of smartphone and TETRA network users; the TH9 TETRA radio; drone with facial recognition; and the Man-Pack Tactical LTE, a portable solution with TETRA over broadband that offers secure communication. Airbus will put on display as well its man-sized Dabat, which simulates the real Tactilon Dabat on a larger scale and is manufactured for demo purposes.

Like Airbus, Nokia is bringing its state-of-the-art solutions to GITEX to highlight their key features. One of these solutions is the Smart Jacket for First Responders, which comes equipped with modular sensors that can detect heart rate, temperature, motion, and GPS location. The Smart Jacket can be swapped out for different sensors such as body cams to accommodate a responder’s needs. Nokia will also put the spotlight on its Advanced Command Center that caters to the needs of public safety agencies faced with growing responsibilities. The Advanced Command Center supports the transition to broadband data-centric emergency response from voice-based.

Esharah, for its part, is also set to make a lasting impression at GITEX through its cutting-edge communications offerings. The company will feature its Smart Incident Management System (SIMS), which works with Nedaa 4G network. SIMS delivers seamless interoperability and compatibility (open architecture, open-source components), enabling a diverse set of public agencies, private sector companies, and non-government organizations to perform well-integrated and effective incident response and prevention operations. In addition, Esharah will highlight its Smart Situational Awareness System, a quick and efficient response to natural disasters and emergencies. The system gives professional safety agencies and first responders immediate access to essential information and needed tools. 

“Dubai and the UAE are at forefront of implementing smart transformation initiatives in the GCC region to enhance citizen experiences. GITEX is an opportunity to demonstrate how we are contributing to the ongoing modern changes by leveraging artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, and other impressive innovations and combining them under a single digital platform. Our contributions aim to help create the future that we all envision and aspire for,” Bu Osaiba concluded.