Tetra | 2018-01-14

TETRA Operator Entropia Acquires Mobitex Network

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Entropia group today announced that it has acquired the Belgian-Dutch national mobile data network "Mobitex" from RAM Mobile Data.

Entropia strengthens its position as a business-critical communication service provider in Belgium and the Netherlands with the acquisition of the Mobitex network. Together with the aquisition, Entropia acquires more than 200 unique customers with thousands of connections in the Public Safety, Security, Parking- and the Logistics sector.

It's Entropia's vision that a great demand for mission-critical mobile communication networks for voice (port telephony) and data (telemetry and sensors) is there to  stay for a long time. The increased sense of insecurity reinforces this need and arouses the demand for independent sensor and telemetry networks (Internet-of-Things).

Services need to work, especially when other networks fail. This is the solid characteristic of Entropia, which has been supplying such services to its customers for more than 25 years.

Nationwide coverage

The Mobitex network offers full national coverage in the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders and part of Wallonia). For mobile services operating at the border with Germany, the network still has a range of about 10 kilometers across the border. Entropia will expand its networks by combining the masts of Mobitex and Tetra. This is a quick step forward for the Entropia group.


Due to the confidence of a number of private investors, Entropia has been able to carry out this acquisition. The acquisition of Mobitex strengthens the revenue and margin position of the Entropia group, which in the second quarter of 2018 will effectively lead to realized capital gains.

Ram Mobile Data: "RAM Mobile Data focus primarily on the healthcare sector and the government with its managed workplace and managed hosting services. It fits in with its strategy to transfer the Mobitex service to Entropia."