Dmr | 2015-11-03

Motorola Solutions introduces Campus Safety Security to improve Campus Safety

Source: MCCResources

You can now download the Campus Safety white paper to find out how to increase the safety of your staff, patients and visitors while improving operational efficiency campus-wide

When reading the Whitepaper, you'll learn how radios are used for text messaging, GPS, work order ticketing, alarm and equipment alerts, and much more.

For example, Motorola states that improved security officer and worker accountability and productivity can also be achieved with digital radio systems because dispatchers or supervisors can assign tasks more efficiently. For example, using MOTOTRBO, a dispatcher who identifies some suspicious activity can assign the nearest security officer to investigate the situation by sending him or her a time-stamped ticket. When the issue is resolved, the security officer closes the ticket, which can be re- viewed later for auditing and productivity reviews.

The Whitepaper also discusses why you should consider adopting the hybrid network approach. 

You can download the Whitepaper here.