Dmr | 2014-10-09

Simoco has been awarded a contract by the Scottish Parliament

Source: MCCResources

The contract was awarded to Simoco in July 2014 following a formal tender process and installation and user training was successfully completed within one week during September.

The Scottish Parliament was looking for a Digital Radio Communications System that would provide a single channel, with resiliency in the event of equipment failure, and have the ability to perform a range of functions including group broadcasts in the event of an emergency.

The Simoco radio system was designed to ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) standards and according to the needs of the Scottish Parliament. The installation included provision of 250 hand portable radios, audio accessories, fixed mobiles and a four channel trunked DMR system.

Paul Lawrence, General Manager Simoco EMEA said “We are pleased we won the contract and we’re confident that this radio system will bring all of the features required by the Scottish Parliament to run an effective and reliable radio system for day to day activities and in the event of critical or emergency situations.”