TETRA  |  2011-11-10

ASTRID Launches a new radio positioning service

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

the new service will be fully implemented at the end of the year 2011

ASTRID the operator for the Belgian public safety network launches its radio positioning service where the position of the teams in the field can be monitored. This can increase the security of the patrols. By the end of this year radio positioning will be available in all provinces.

Radio positioning is possible for all portable and mobile radios equipped with the so called LIP (Location Information Protocol) or Smart Move. All recently purchased TETRA radios are equipped with this protocol. The only restriction is that the GPS signal does not penetrate into buildings. Officers located in a building will then not always be visible.

How does it work?

ASTRID has linked its a central location server to the ASTRID radio network. This server receives the coordinates of the GPS built-in the ASTRID TETRA radio and forwards it to the chosen control room. There are two services available:

  • The server sends the positions of the radios to provincial control room (CIC / HC) or dispatching remote station (LCT)
  • Position to provider: the server sends the positions of the radios control room system to another control room system (external provider). The data are therefore will be very useful for many applications.

To make use of radio, each radio position you want to follow needs to purchase a subscription (= the current subscription Automatic SDS / AVL).  Also the radios need to be reprogrammed with the latest appropriate profile (see suppliers).

What about using AVL Smart Move?

The past year ASTRID
has offered the service: vehicle localisation (AVL or Automatic Vehicle Location). Therefore, a limited number of radios where equipped with a specific protocol, Smart Move. ASTRID will support this protocol the coming years, alongside LIP

Source: www.astrid.be