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Nokia Increases its Competitive Advantage with Cutting-Edge Tracking, Positioning, and Worker Safety Apps

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Includes two worker safety applications that promote situational awareness, rapid reaction, and preparedness in the event of an incident

Nokia has made an announcement regarding the inclusion of five fresh third-party applications into their MX Industrial Edge. This move aims to expand their tracking and positioning portfolio, catering to a wider range of indoor and outdoor scenarios.

Additionally, a new category of applications has been introduced in the worker safety domain, providing solutions for both regular operations and complex crises. The newly added set of applications for tracking and positioning includes Nordic ID, HERE HD GNSS service, and svarmony - aryve, all of which facilitate real-time tracking and positioning of various assets in any environment, including indoor navigation.

In terms of worker safety, Portalify's SmartView offers lone workers with situational awareness, while Secapp specializes in efficient emergency communication for industrial environments and the public sector. These applications are available as a service with automatic lifecycle management and are deployed on Nokia's MXIE, taking advantage of its low latency, powerful computing capabilities, high resiliency, and secure platform. Furthermore, these apps are also supported by private wireless connectivity, enhancing the services offered by the One platform for industrial digitalization.


Efficiently managing industrial operations with uninterrupted tracking and positioning in real-time.

The lack of equipment, ineffective asset utilization, and poor inventory management can result in significant losses for industrial enterprises in terms of production time, output, and cost savings. However, the utilization of real-time tracking, positioning, and historical data can provide the necessary visibility of assets to overcome these challenges and enhance operational performance.

A highly accurate outdoor location tracking service, called HERE HD GNSS, utilizes Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) to track machinery and individuals in industrial sites.

Additionally, Nordic ID, a division of Brady Corporation, offers a comprehensive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solution that includes devices and software for identifying and monitoring asset flow down to the digital identity of each individual item. This system is specifically designed for high-speed supply chains and locating valuable assets.

Another tool, svarmony - aryve, offers a Visual Positioning System (VPS) for mobile devices that aids workers in complex work environments by providing visual cues and additional information to help them navigate and complete tasks more efficiently.

Worker safety Apps

In many industrial environments, worker safety is a priority to reduce risks and accidents, but also lower associated downtime and process impact. This new application category for the MXIE helps to address these needs. 

Portalify SmartView : Provides operational teams with indoor and outdoor location tracking for workers using smartphones and other tracking and positioning technologies with a focus on lone worker requirements. In case of an emergency, workers can raise alerts and worker location can be shared with operational teams and coworkers to accelerate response.

Secapp: A platform for critical communications, alerting, and documentation, designed to improve readiness, safety, and emergency response times. The solution helps alert individuals and teams, collects critical data, provides secure chats and videos, and enhances lone worker safety — all achievable with the device in your pocket.

Stephan Litjens, Vice President of Enterprise Campus Edge Solutions at Nokia, said: “As digital transformation takes hold in many industries, organizations require a rich and mixed set of applications to solve business challenges like tracking and positioning and worker safety. The new additions to the Nokia Industrial Application Catalog provide greater efficiency, productivity and further enhance worker safety with preparedness, situational awareness and fast reaction during incidents. Offered as-a-service and deployed on MXIE, we eliminate the hurdles of adoption and ensure best of breed solutions to be available”.