TETRA  |  2011-05-25

TETRA-Applications.com and TETRA Today join forces

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The agreement provides for the inclusion of articles from TETRA Today on the web portal of TETRA-Applications.com

The web portal of TETRA Applications.com and the magazine TETRA Today are to work closely together to promote TETRA digital radio communications.

Both organizations focus on TETRA radio communications and are strong market players in their own fields of expertise. TETRA-Applications.com is the world's first TETRA communications web portal and TETRA Today is the only hard-copy magazine dedicated to the TETRA community.

The agreement provides for the inclusion of articles from TETRA Today on the web portal of TETRA-Applications.com. Each article will be indexed in a database which visitors can search for topics that they are interested in. Also available through the web portal will be a link to the latest issue of TETRA today.

Using the search tool at TETRA-Applications.com, specific TETRA-related articles from TETRA Today will be easy to find. Visitors to the website will be able to browse the entire database and to discover what has been written about TETRA in their own area of interest.

Gert Jan Wolf, founder of TETRA Applications.com, said: “As TETRA systems and radios are now permitted to be used in the US because of the waiver of the FCC, the bandwidth of both media has expanded enormously.  Both TETRA Today and our web portal will benefit from each other's strengths in this new market -- TETRA Today being the undisputed leader in hard-copy content and TETRA-Applications.com the world's first online web portal for TETRA communications.”

Jon Benson, publisher of TETRA Today added: “We're delighted that, through TETRA-Applications.com, the growing body of authoritative TETRA-related articles and news in TETRA Today is being made more conveniently accessible to the worldwide TETRA community.

Through this collaboration it is expected that visitor traffic to the website will grow rapidly and that TETRA Today will strengthen its position as the number one in hard copy media.  TETRA Today is officially supported by the TETRA Association.