Broadband  |  2023-05-17

Caltta Assist in Creating a Secure Capital for Mauritania

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The whole system is independently developed by Caltta based on the 4G mobile communication technology.

Caltta contributed to the Urban Security Project of Mauritania with its Broadband Trunking System.

The project aimed to enhance the security of Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, and to build a stable social environment for the Mauritanian people and their economic growth.

Accelerated development and urbanization have brought both opportunities and higher-level demand for social security to Mauritania, especially for its capital, Nouakchott. To further enhance Mauritania's national security and stability and safeguard the economic development, the Mauritania government decided to complete the system of its public security, aiming to optimize the system of city management and emergency response so as to create a safe and stable environment for the capital. With its high-quality products and mature technology, Caltta Technologies was selected to provide the Broadband Trunking System in the Urban Security Project.

The whole system is independently developed by Caltta based on the 4G mobile communication technology. It boasts the characteristics of independent intellectual property rights, open interfaces, wireless and network resource sharing, fast access, and high confidentiality. This solution provides rich and professional trunking services, positioning, and high-speed wireless data services, and also provides rich solutions designed for industry/commercial applications, such as wireless data collection/transmission, video dispatch and more, fully satisfying the market needs of broadband digital trunking.

Typical Advantages:

  • A Complete Series of Core Network
  • The core network has a variety of forms, including 14U, 5U, 2U, single board, etc. The 5U core network provided in this project is cost-effective, mature and stable, and meets the requirement of capacity.
  • Remote
  • Both the core business processing unit and the dispatch system support remote deployment, which greatly enhances the convenience and service connectivity of the
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Caltta P200 system highly integrates BBU, RRU, core service processing unit and multimedia dispatching system. With the feature of small size, light weight, fast deployment, high protection level, it is portable and conducive to rapid response.
  • Experienced in Public Safety

The project has been completed at the end of 2022, in which Caltta has deployed 20 base stations, 1500 LTE terminals and other products, providing Nouakchott with a wireless trunking dispatching communication network that is independent from the public network and covers the whole city, realizing unified management and visualized dispatch.

A stable social environment is the cornerstone of citizens' life and property safety, and it is also the premise of social prosperity and stable development. The completion of the Urban Security and Surveillance System Project of Mauritania will greatly enhance the government's ability to combat crimes, effectively promote the administrative modernization of related governmental departments, ensure the country of healthy and stable development, and bring greater well-being to the Mauritanian citizens.