CCR  |   Broadband  |  2023-05-16

Mobile Tornado Launches New Safety Features to Protect Lone Workers from Harm

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Mobile Tornado will unveil the new features at Critical Communications World 2023 in Helsinki.

Mobile Tornado, a world leader in push-to-talk over cellular technologies for critical communications, is launching a new set of safety features to help protect lone workers from harm. 

These include a manual and automated check-in mechanism, which notifies managers if a lone worker fails to respond at set intervals, meaning that control rooms can quickly identify if someone is in danger.

Mobile Tornado will unveil the new features at Critical Communications World 2023 in Helsinki.

The UK-based company has published a new white paper which show how global growth in mobile networks can help employers safeguard the wellbeing of lone workers and maintain compliance with occupational health and safety systems.

The International Labour Organisation estimates that 7,500 people die from work-related causes every day and one million more fall sick or are injured at work. The UN agency last year added the category of a safe and healthy working environment to its fundamental principles and rights at work. This means that all 187 member states must respect, realise and promote occupational safety and health, regardless of their level of economic development.

Luke Wilkinson, global head of sales at Mobile Tornado, said: “Employers can harness the power of new mobile technologies to monitor and manage the safety of their workers in the field. Growth in network coverage has exposed the limitations of expensive legacy radio systems for critical communications and created opportunities for push-to-talk over cellular as a robust, reliable and cost-effective alternative with the game-changing benefit of extra safety features for lone workers.”