P25 | 2023-01-05

BK Technologies Closes Out Year With Over 11,200 Radios Delivered in the Fourth Quarter 2022; Brings Year End Delivery Total to Over 25,000 Radios

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The Company delivered a total of approximately 25,200 radios in 2022.

BK Technologies Corporation (NYSE American: BKTI) (the “Company” or “BK Technologies”) today announced that it has delivered approximately 11,200 radios in the fourth quarter of 2022. The Company delivered a total of approximately 25,200 radios in 2022, up from 22,500 radios delivered for full year 2021.

John Suzuki, CEO of BK Technologies, commented, “We are pleased to close the year out having exceeded our delivery target for the fourth quarter of 2022, representing both increased demand for our radios, an improved supply chain and increased production capacity at our state-of-the art facilities. We continue to target delivering at least 32,000 radios to customers in the coming year, and we look forward to providing a full business update when we report our fourth quarter and year end 2022 results in March.”

Kyle Cerminara, Chairman of BK Technologies stated, “The BKR 5000 has proven to be in high demand with both new and existing customers. We are encouraged by the increased shipments in the fourth quarter to fulfill 2022’s record orders. With many of the supply chain issues behind us and increased manufacturing capacity, we look forward to continuing to fulfill demand as we move through 2023. We are also looking forward to finally having the BKR 9000 in our suite of products.”