LTE  |  2022-09-19

Caltta Broadband Trunking Communication System Protects Zambian Citizens

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

As part of a Safe City project, the MOI of Zambia is currently commercially utilizing the Caltta Broadband Trunking Communication system, which plays a crucial role in empowering local public safety authorities to protect communities.

Caltta Broadband Trunking Communication system, as part of a Safe City project, is now commercially utilized by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Zambia and plays a pivotal role in empowering the local public safety authorities to safeguard the communities.

Compliant to the Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) broadband trunking air interface standard recognized by the ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) in 2014, Caltta Broadband Trunking Communication system is capable of enhancing voice trunking services, supplementary services, and broadband trunking services like multimedia communication and dispatching on the basis of ensuring compatibility with broadband data services. Featuring flexible bandwidth, high spectral efficiency, low latency, and high reliability, it can meet the needs of professional users’, such as trunking voice call, broadband data, emergency command and dispatch, etc.

For a long time, the MOI of Zambia was in urgent need of a unified private communication system for many units including Zambia Police Service, Zambia Correctional Service, Drug Enforcement Commission, Department of Immigration and National Anti-Terrorism Centre. They were looking for truly advanced and pragmatic technologies and equipment that could quickly establish an efficient and reliable communication system to ensure the safety of people, reduce crime, protect and supervise key areas, and respond to emergencies. In the Safe City Project launched in 2018, Caltta Broadband Trunking Communication system, due to the outstanding features, was finally chosen by the MOI of Zambia from several mainstream suppliers. Caltta, as a leading provider of integrated professional trunking communication solutions, was honored to provide broadband trunking equipment for the entire network.

The system utilized 400MHz TDD LTE frequency band, integrating multiple systems including broadband trunking communication, video supervision (VSS), video conference (VCS), emergency response (CERS), intelligent E-Police, and other systems. Through strict implementation and dedicated service from Caltta, a comprehensive nationwide supervisory system is now covering Zambia's national capital, provincial capitals, large towns, and main traffic routes. Various broadband trunking terminals are used by police departments across the country. The system offers multimedia services such as voice, PTT, positioning, data collection, video and image transmission, and it realizes unified command and dispatch, effectively improving the efficiency of cross-departmental collaboration and the responding speed of emergencies.