Lte | 2022-09-05

EUWENA Shares Success and Focus for Q3/4 2022

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

After its creation in 2021 and its formal public launch, at the Paris based Agurre annuelle in November 2021, EUWENA (European Users Wireless Enterprise Network Association) has steadily grown in activities and memberships

Working groups have now been established and first meetings were held. Liaisons with peer associations have been established or reinforced, EUWENA stated in a recent newsletter.

According to their website, EUWENA currently counts 5 working groups. The working group on 'spectrum' and 'supply side eco system' have been quite active, both starting with a repository on resp. spectrum for private networks in respective countries and one on candidate suppliers for private wireless networks. 

Currently two associations of private wireless users are already member of EUWENA: KMBG (Netherlands) and Agurre (France). EUWENA has relationships with the GSMA, TCCA, EUTC, OnGo 5GACIA and the SPF and is looking to team up with other similar associations/aliance organized per  country or vertical market. In order to suport the growth of the organizations in the upcoming months EUWENA will be visible during  a varity of online and 'live' events across the globe such as the 5G manufacturing Froum, USA Arospace exhibition and from 22 to 24 November during the PMRExpo congress and exhibition on Cologne.  

Spectrum Consultations

Having private wireless networks as its core mission, EUWENA strives for availability of adequate spectrum for private networks. Clearly, the EU landscape of available so called ‘local shared access’ spectrum or private spectrum is still scattered and dispersed. 

In order to entice harmonisation, EUWENA responds to spectrum consultations in the countries. It already did so for an RSPG consultation in January and a ComReg (IRL) consultation earlier this year.

At the end of August, EUWENA again responded to a regulator’s consultation on spectrum availability in the Netherlands. Being late with its 5G auctioning of spectrum in 3.5 GHz band and having live saving satellite earth stations in this band, the country has been late with assigning 3.5 GHz spectrum. EUWENA expressed some views and urged the Dutch to speed up and stay in line with allocations in other countries, such as Germany.

In France, ARCEP is also holding a spectrum consultation that EUWENA will reply to, it closes sept.23rd