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CCW 2022 | This is Leonardo at Critical Communications World Vienna

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Leonardo comes back to CCW 2022 for displaying its solutions to all stakeholders in the critical communications sector at Stand No. F120.

Leonardo is realizing advanced solutions to progress towards a secure and seamless adoption of broadband technologies which encompass the development of Hybrid networks as well as of new control rooms able to integrate new communication systems, new standards in rail transportation and cyber protection systems, making this ecosystem cyber secure by design.

Hybrid networks in Mission Critical communications
LTE and 5G are going to play a crucial role in professional communications, transforming mission critical communications and enabling new services, such as video communications and real time video analytics, more demanding in terms of data transmission capacity. For this reason, hybrid networks such as RIM, the Leonardo Multi Vector Hybrid Network, will pave the way to the future critical communications. Thanks to the multi-technological infrastructures such as Leonardo's Core Network CSP (Communications Service Platform), RIM supports integration and full interoperability with LTE/5G systems and allows the seamless adoption of new broadband technologies.

Railways broaden to broadband: FRMCS
The Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) represents the new standard in rail transportation, going to replace the GSM-R, in use on thousands of kilometers of railways, in order to face the increasing demand of data exchange between board and land. The FRMCS standard will allow for transferring greater amount of data, enabling enhanced coordination between rail and public transport, smart maintenance and autonomous or assisted driving. Leonardo confirms its role in the world of rail transport, being among the first implementers. At CCW Leonardo displays the MCX FRMCS, tested at the second edition of the FRMCS Plugtests on May 16-20, with railways terminals showcasing railways features and communications,

Critical communications and situational awareness
Control rooms represent the hub for collecting and sharing information from different field sensors, data processing, to support decision-making processes and resources management. Therefore it is crucial to take advantage of multimedia capabilities offered by 4G/5G broadband technologies to increase overall situational awareness. The new X2030 platform represents a flexible and scalable solution supporting the evolution of Command and Control concept towards a new “Data & Experience-Centric Operating Model”. The Leonardo solution is based on a federated architecture covering several sites, able to collect and process data, providing support for effective monitoring and management of events in normal and emergency situations.

Cyber secure communications
Fifth-generation networks are enablers of the digital revolution and the application of 5G technology in heterogeneous hybrid scenarios (factory, massive IoT) increases the risk of cyber-attacks. In addition, communication infrastructures must be protected against cyber threats, by applying the proper countermeasures. The Cyber Information Superiority suite by Leonardo is designed to face cyber threats in the most effective way, by extracting maximum value from the data collected on threats, attacks and possible victims, defining immediate respond and mitigation actions
This suite consists of 3 systems. The new Cyber Threat Intelligence platform provides tactical and strategic intelligence information, supporting the identification and management of new cyber threats. The LENS system for end point protection analyses the entry points to detect intrusions and implements response actions, The third element, Argo analyses and classifies malware in controlled environments, separated from the infrastructure to be protected (multi sand box).

Smart communications for smart industry
Leonardo is at the forefront of the digital transformation with the Leonardo Production System, an evolving and flexible methodology to increase organizations competitiveness and performances. According to the LSP methodology, Leonardo has developed a suite of Industry 4.0 solutions for Secure Connected Factory, Smart Security and Energy and smart communications. At CCW, Leonardo will display the MCX-XPTT, a complete data communications framework designed for the Mission Critical and Business critical market, providing mobile communications and smart security with location, immediate communications and messaging services.

Leonardo will participate in several conferences, giving speeches on the role of critical communications in rail transportation and urban mobility, as well as the new critical communications solutions. Within its stand, Leonardo will display some outstanding systems for professional communications such as the RIM configuration (TETRA, DMR, and LTE) and MCCR (Mission Critical Control Room), the MCX (cloud based MCPTT/MCData/MCVideo application) and the X-2030.

Congress Speeches:

Tue – 21 June
TETRA today and into the future
12:45 PM - 1:15 PM - Theatre C
Francesco Pasquali
Chair, TETRA Industry Group, TCCA

Wedn, 22 June
Panel Discussion: The future of railways communications 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM - Theatre C
Valerio Di Claudio, CTO – R&D, Grants & Collaborations – Leonardo Cyber & Security Solutions Division
New Singapore Metro Lines: Enhanced cyber security services, encryption and integration with TETRA for the transportation market 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Theatre C
Silvia Fanigliulo, International Sales Manager – Leonardo Cyber & Security Solutions Division
Professional ecosystem for smart industry 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM Theatre B
Angelo Benvenuto. Head of Solutions& Product Marketing – Leonardo Cyber & Security Solutions Division