Surrey and Sussex Police Use Motorola Solutions' Pronto to Connect to INTERPOL, Increasing National Security

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Officers with Pronto integration have access to the world's largest international police organization, which allows them to share information and aid in the fight against crime.

Frontline officers with Surrey Police and Sussex Police are using Motorola Solutions’ Pronto to gain immediate access to the comprehensive international criminal database of the world's largest police organisation, INTERPOL. This source of intelligence provides officers with important information to protect national security and enable daily productivity gains.

Pronto is the most widely deployed mobile policing solution in the U.K., improving public safety through features that enhance situational awareness including mobile biometrics and federated searches. The new functionality will equip 4,500 police officers across both forces with the INTERPOL database at their fingertips, ensuring instant and secure access to millions of international records including warrants, stolen property and threats related to weapons.

“Pronto has been a part of the digitalisation of our police force since 2009”, said Amber Kingshott, Mobile Development Manager, Surrey Police. “With access to INTERPOL, our officers no longer need to call a colleague or return to a police station to run a search, saving minutes in everyday operations and emergency situations.”

“It takes an average of 1.2 seconds to run a query through the INTERPOL database using our mobile device”, said Detective Chief Superintendent Steven Boniface, Sussex Police. “Officers can run a search from any location at any time, leveraging INTERPOL’s vital source of intelligence to increase safety for themselves and the British public.”

The U.K.’s departure from the European Union removed U.K. police access to the Schengen Information System, increasing the reliance on INTERPOL for international data related to crime.

“Police officers need rapid access to relevant, up-to-date global data in order to assess potential threats and keep themselves and the public safe”, said Fergus Mayne, country manager, U.K. & Ireland at Motorola Solutions. “Developed locally in the U.K., Pronto is built for the specific needs of U.K. police and has successfully supported hundreds of communities, as well as freeing officer time to focus on citizens and their public safety.”

Secure access to INTERPOL is now available to all Pronto customers at no additional cost. The solution is fully compliant with INTERPOL's commitment to privacy and data protection.