Lte | 2021-07-26

Inrico T620 Brings Intuitive Group Communication to Supermarket Staff

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The T620 radio is part of the high tier radio communications portfolio of of Inrico. Shortly after its launch, it has been used in large supermarkets in China.


Supermarkets are some of the most complex and most challenging retail environments due to their big floor sizes, high customer traffic, and valunerablity to petty crimes. It can be challenging to effectively keep the team informed, serve customers, manage inventory, and handle emergencies. As it is widely known, the averge profit margin of most supermarkets is very low; therefore, improving employee productivity while keeping operational costs under control is critical. Inrico’s Push-to-talk over Celluar (PoC) solution has been widely adopted by supermarkets for effecient team communications and collaboration. The T620 PoC radio is one of the most popular models.

The T620 radio is part of the high tier radio communications portfolio of of Inrico. Shortly after its launch, it has been used in large supermarkets in China. It’s fashionable appearance, rich functions and excellent quality have been highly praised by users. The staff of the store use the T620 to maintain security order and effectively carry out daily work communication. PoC technology makes the call distance beyond traditional Push-to-talk. The light, thin and small design eases the load for the staff, especially for the female workers in the supermarket. It’s easy to carry and work with it.

Long or short press on the side key can be programed for different functions, such as patrol, SOS call, record playback, individual call, Bluetooth on/off, and group switch, which is why T620 seems to work as a model with a much bigger display. These functions are important for the staff. For example, with the record playback function, you can listen to the previous voice record repeatedly; it not only prevents mishearing, but also provides evidence for possible disputes. Such functions are very necessary for the management of large chain stores.

In the noisy supermarket environment, the Bluetooth function of the T620 plays a large role. When connected to the Bluetooth headset, it shields the external noise, makes the call crystal clear, and facilitates team cooperation. It also frees the worker’s hands.

In addition to conventional functions, T620 becomes even more versatile when it works with ICONVNET, the PTT platform developed by INRICO. The SOS emergency call can quickly respond and report to the dispatching console. The console can timely and accurately obtain the terminal location. The other radios within the group are instantly alerted as well. So the team can provide help more quickly, and it empowers workers to deal with all kinds of emergencies in time. A typical scenario, such as a spill or the floor, might be trivial, but important for shoppers’ safety. By using T620, you can help increase safety because the first worker on the scene can summon a clean-up crew and stay put to warn shoppers and prevent injuries.

Supermarket security personnel have great responsibility and high work intensity. Without proper equipment of instant communications, they might lose the time to deal with the security incidents immediately, resulting in loss to the store and sometimes to the brand image due to negative experience of shoppers. For a demanding retail environment, you’ll need a robust push-to-talk system which will always be ready to help you in the stickiest of situations. The INRICO T620 with ICONVNET platform is the top-shelf choice to help supermarkets to carry out safe and orderly operation.