BelFone Opens Door to Its New Corporate Showroom

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

BelFone, a globally leading technology and solution provider of mission and business critical communications, has recently completed construction of its new showroom and officially opened it to invited visitors.

The showroom, covering around 200 m2 floor size, highlights BelFone’s four major system solutions, ETX and BTX DMR Trunking Communication System, BMC Emergency Communications System and Wireless MESH Emergency Response System. The corporate culture section starts the showroom tour by emphasizing BelFone’ dedication to bringing the best out of the evolvement of different communications technologies and presenting customer-oriented solutions that empower users to work with higher efficiency and safety.

“We used to have a much smaller showroom, but it could no longer keep abreast with the evolution of our product portfolio. The project started at the beginning of 2020 and was delayed by the pandemic. We are excited to see now everything is in its place and we have already had partners and customers over here from domestic market. Hopefully, soon we can see our partners and customers, old and new, from overseas markets,” said Sunny Huang, Brand Manager of BelFone.

The showroom tour starts at the corporate culture section, where the history of the company and the awards it received along the years are demonstrated. Then all the terminal products are grouped by industries and technologies. Besides the four major system solutions, a dispatch center is set up to showcase BelFone’s software solutions for system management and dispatcher.