P25 | 2020-11-17

Oaxaca Modernizes Its Communications With The P25 Standard, For A Safer Mexico

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Oaxaca is the first state to adopt a P25 digital radio standard following the guidelines of the National Radio Communication Network.

The Government of Oaxaca announced that it will modernize its statewide radio communication network based on P25 technology from Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI). The system will integrate with the existing P25 network of the Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR) and will have interoperability with broadband through the Critical Connect solution by Motorola Solutions.
Oaxaca’s P25 network will provide greater coverage in a complex and mountainous geographic territory whilst using fewer repeaters. This will improve seamless mission-critical communication among security agencies.

“This modernization is the result of a unique alliance and collaboration effort between the State Government with the Secretary of the Navy and the National Information Center. It allows us to build on the already existing SEMAR repeater sites and reduce deployment and operation costs. This sets a precedent for infrastructure-sharing by public safety agencies in an effort to make more efficient use of public resources and more effectively ensure safety in the city,” said Maestro Manuel Vera, executive secretary of the Oaxaca state public safety system.

One of the key benefits of the network will be the resilient coverage along the route of the Trans-Isthmic Railroad, a mega-project that will connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the cities of Salina Cruz and Oaxaca and Coatzacoalcos (in Veracruz).

The capabilities of the P25 network will be optimized with the Critical Connect solution from Motorola Solutions, which provides interoperability with radio communication networks and broadband PTT technology. This solution will allow public safety agencies to use advanced voice, GPS and text messaging features and to access and share multimedia data in real-time. End-to-end encryption between P25 and broadband enables secure communications and collaboration between agencies.

“We are proud that our P25 and Critical Connect solutions have been selected by the State of Oaxaca. As announced by the Governor in his 4th report, this project seeks to equip its public safety agencies with the best technology so they can achieve their mission of protecting and serving the community. By doing so, Oaxaca has joined the states of Nuevo León, Guanajuato and Yucatán, as well as federal institutions such as the SEDENA, SEMAR and FGR.”said Alejandro Posadas, general director of Motorola Solutions Mexico.

He continues: “Motorola Solutions has been operating in Mexico for 60 years. We are committed to demonstrating how innovation and the efficient use of technology can be great allies in building a more connected and safer Mexico.”

This move of Oaxaca is following the national public safety strategy that recommends to update the National Radio Communication Network by adopting the modern P25 standard.This paves the way for Mexico to further adopt an international technology based on a standard that offers high levels of security and many other advanced functions.

This project is part of Governor Alejandro Murat Hinojosa’s vision for reinforcing public safety in Oaxaca, by ensuring that crime is prevented and justice is served by using efficient and cutting-edge technologies.