Dmr | Lte | 2020-06-24

Inrico Offers Free Licenses to Anti-pandemic Organizations

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Our media partner Radio China recently interviewed Mr. Pan, CEO of Inrico and asked him about the active recruitment of personnel, the impact of Covid-19 on the company, the free licences and the next step for Inrico in order to become a global player.

Radio China: Inrico has launched two new models S300 and S100 recently. How are they received by the market? What’s the plan for new products?

Mr Pan: S300 PoC radio with a big display is the first choice for users with advanced dispatching requirements and for IoT scenarios. Inrico has done intensive market analysis in many verticals. A lot of users with managerial roles need to remotely see what’s going on and fulfil dispatching accordingly. Traditional narrowband push-to-talk has its limits in photo and video streaming, and not many PoC radio available in the market have a big enough display. Inrico is swift in turning user requirements into new products, and this is how we had S300 and introduced it to global markets in March.
S100 is developed for commercial and industry users. Cost down customization is available for this model. Built-in antenna and compact design make it very convenient to carry and use. Customers with different requirements will find what they need at Inrico. After introducing these two models, we have received a lot of demo orders from our partners. Hopefully they are to be widely adopted by the market soon and to facilitate reliable communications.

Radio China: Due to economy slow down caused by the pandemic, many PoC manufacturers stop expansion. We notice that Inrico has been recruiting. Why?
Mr. Pan: The achievement we have now is the result of our investment in the past two or three years. While the pandemic hinders the industry, we do believe we need to invest now for the growth of the following two or three years. A competitive team is essential for the business. Innovative teams are what drives the industry forward.

Radio China: How is the pandemic impacting Inrico’s growth?
Mr. Pan: We saw a slight decline in the first half of the year’s numbers. It was mainly from the commercial sectors. The negative impact is there, but the situation is and will be improving. Inrico has been in this market and invested in the technology for years. We will keep doing it. In the fight against the pandemic, we are honored to supply our products to organizations around the world. PoC technology is an ideal solution for long distance real-time group communications in healthcare scenarios. We are proud that our products have been adopted and proved by so many anti-pandemic professionals.

Radio China: What did Inrico supply to anti-pandemic forces?
Mr Pan: As a leading PoC solution provider, Inrico has been supplying to a lot of NGO and healthcare organizations in Indonesia, Malaysia, America, South Africa, etc. Since COVID-19 turned into a pandemic, we have supplied over 10,000 units of T640 and T199 PoC radios to these customers. We have announced to our partners across the world that Inrico makes its licenses free up to 180 days for customers’ anti-pandemic efforts. It is a common course to fight the virus and to win back the normal lives for all the countries.

Radio China: What’s Inrico’s next step?
Mr. Pan: Push-to-talk technology has been developed into two tracks, narrow and broadband. Narrowband PMR has its core strength in mission critical voice communications. 4G PTT, PoC, performs better in multimedia communication and coverage. Narrowband trunking technologies are with several major manufacturers, and their user base is limited compared to cellular users, therefore the cost of narrowband solution is comparatively higher. 4G PoC technology leverages public operators’ network and huge user base, therefore its ownership cost is lower. Obviously, users’ requirements can’t be fulfilled by a single technology. We at Inrico are developing DMR trunking and 4G convergent communication products. which leverage our artificial intelligence platform to solve many critical issues that cannot be solved by narrowband communication technologies. In the future, Inrico smart terminals will intervene labor intensive work to make it more efficiently and less costly. With our expertise in 4G PoC, both hardware and software, we see ourselves a viable player in the convergent communication technology market globally.