Tetra | Lte | 2020-02-26

DSB Reveals Agenda Nødnett Days 2020 - "Nødnett - Now And In The Future"

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

DSB, the operator of the Norwegian critical communications public safety network, announced that Nødnett Days 2020 offers program entries for both those who know Nødnett well and those who do not have as much experience with Nødnett.

The public safety communications focused event offers a varied program with several parallel sessions. The event also offers networking and exchange of experience, as well as an opportunity to visit the exhibition with relevant local and international suppliers.

This year, the conference will be moderated by Selda Ekiz. Ekiz is physicist and well-known as a program director at NRK. As moderator she will guide visitors through two exciting and content-rich days.

The program includes the following topics (subject to change):

Inspiration and sharing of experience from others using Nødnett

  • How do you resolve communication when the crisis occurs? Get to know about other people's experiences from real-life events such as the landslide in Jølster that divided the village into two. Johan Ahlström, a risk engineer in the municipality of Västerås will give an insight into how one municipality solves the challenges they face through, among other things, the use of Rakel (the Swedish emergency network) and cooperation with other emergency services. He will draw 'the big picture' about emergency preparedness in Sweden and the role of the municipality. 
  • Cross-border cooperation: The Nordic countries have a unique tradition of cooperation. This also applies to emergency communications. At this year's Nødnett Days, visitors will gain insight into how cross-border communication has been used during several events that happened in the border areas.

Technology and the future

  • The Emergency Network of the Future: Where are we now and what is happening next? DSB has studied various concepts. Tor Helge Lyngstøl (DSB) will provide a status update.
  • There is a lot of discussion around 5G, but how critical is it really to the society? Olav Lysne, professor and director of SimulaMet, has worked with digital vulnerability issues for several years. During Nødnett Days 2020, he will share his views and experiences around this topic.
  • Emergency and emergency communication is changing: How is the future of emergency communication working in other countries? Some are ahead of Norway. DSB invited representatives from Finland and the UK to talk about their experiences and plans for the future.
  • Nødnett days will have several technology-related themes, both about technology already in use and technology that may be relevant to employ emergency and emergency services in the future. There will also be a session about; 5G behind the hype - what is it really?

For those who use Nødnett and want to receive updates or thosewho do not know Nødnett there are additional sessions on how to practive with Nødnet, what to do when there is no emergency network coverage and a basic introduction to Nødnett,  for those who do not have as good knowledge of Nødnett 

DSB are still working on the refinement of the program. The final program will be published on the website of DSB and will also be sent to registered participants prior to the event.

The DSB Nødnett days 2020 will be held on 5 and 6 May at the Sted Quality Airport Hotel Gardermoem. The theme is: "Nottnett - now and in the future".