Kenwood Delivers NEXEDGE to Major Polish Water Suppllier

Source: Radiotech

The equipment was supplied by ABRADIO, operating in the authorized sales network of Elektrit - the Polish distributor JVCKENWOOD.

Radiotech recently announced that Elektrit, through its partner ABRADIO, will ensure reliable digital connectivity with Kenwood NEXEDGE for Górnośląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów, a major utility company in Poland. The digital trunking network also provides communication for the Department of Security and Crisis Management of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice and the Provincial Ambulance Service in Katowice.

Digital communication is ensured by NX-3000 and NX-5000 series radios operating on the basis of the NXDN digital protocol. 

The digitization of the Silesian Voivode's radio communication system was based on the Kenwood NEXEDGE trunking communication system, which covers practically the entire province. At present, 19 repeater stations operate in the radio system, and at any time it is possible to further expand it to include other repeater stations. At the same time, the equipment used as terminal equipment (base radios and mobile radios) in addition to the possibility of trunking work has the ability to work in both  analog and digital in the frequency range from 136 to 174 MHz.