Celab Closes Radiocommunication Deal with Öresund Bridge Consortium

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Celab recently announced that the Öresund Bridge Consortium has entered into a framework agreement with Celab Communications Danmark A/S as supplier of a new service radio system.

The delivery includes a new radio solution that meets the requirements for coverage of the Öresund connection and a five-year service agreement that guarantees that all equipment is always up to date. The service agreement also includes spare parts and 24/7 support.

The new radio solution ensures that communication between, for example, the service and operations organization and the traffic center can be done in a simple and secure way in both daily work and during special efforts.

Henrik Andersson, Responsible at the Öresund Bridge consortium for the new system says, “With the new radio solution, we get the opportunity to work more efficiently and safely than before. The project has followed the agreed schedule and we are very pleased with the progress. ”

Morten Parning, CEO of Celab Communications Denmark A / S says "We are very pleased that the Öresund Bridge Consortium has chosen us as a supplier and look forward to a good and long-term cooperation."

The Öresund road and rail bridge, connecting Sweden and Denmark, is about 16 km long and consists of an extended peninsula at Kastrup, a submerged tunnel under Drogden, an artificial island south of Salholm (Peberholm), a bridge over Flinterenden and a terminal area at Lernacken which consists of, among other payment stations and terminal buildings for various control functions. The Öresund Bridge Consortium owns and manages the infrastructure for both road and rail.