Avtec and Tallysman Wireless Expand Interoperability Options for Utility Customers

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Avtec Scout Console Users Can Boost Efficiency by Initiating Private Calls Directly from the Tallysman TruFleet AVL application.

Avtec LLC, a leading provider of dispatch console systems, has expanded its partnership with Tallysman Wireless™ Inc., to provide greater interoperability between the two companies’ solutions.
Specifically, users of Tallysman’s TruFleet™ AVL application now can initiate a private call directly from the application running on Avtec’s Scout™ console. This makes the marshaling of resources more efficient for dispatchers, who no longer have to copy and paste phone numbers between applications. 
The new API integration has already been deployed in the field and demonstrates Scout’s interoperability with a variety of radio systems and applications that provide mission-critical communications.

“The joint solution reinforces Avtec’s 40-year commitment to developing solutions built on open standards, which allows us to integrate with the leading wireless providers in the industry like Tallysman,”

said Michael Ridge, solution engineering manager for Avtec.

“By eliminating extra keystrokes that could introduce errors, this delivers greater accuracy and efficiency to dispatchers during situations when minutes count.”

This new API integration further expands the partnership between Avtec and Tallysman. The companies previously developed a solution that allows Scout console users running the TruFleet application to view location, status and performance information, and also to send and receive text and email messages from individual radios and talk groups.

“The close integration of the Avtec Scout mission-critical consoles and the Tallysman TruFleet AVL application provides dispatch personnel with a big picture overview of the location of personnel in the field,”

said John Seymour, director, data systems at Tallysman.

“Now, they can quickly identify the closest personnel to an incident and immediately set up a call on the Avtec console with a single click.”