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Nokia Highlights Why Interoperability is Key for Public Safety Critical Communications Operations

Broadband  |  2023-10-16

One topic to be discussed for sure is why interoperability with legacy systems is imperative for the success of today’s public safety operations and how to make it happen.

Handsfree Group take to the Road Once More for Comms Connect 2023

Broadband  |  2023-10-14

At Comms Connect, Australia’s premier critical communications gathering, Handsfree Group will demonstrate their R5 device, supported by valued partner, Advanced Mobile IT.

ETSI MCX FRMCS Plugtest Report Launched

Broadband  |  2023-08-28

The observations from the Plugtests events provide essential feedback to 3GPP Working Groups as work continues in 3GPP and ETSI FRMCS specifications.

University of Malaga, Spain to Host 8th ETSI MCX Plugtest

Broadband  |  2023-07-27

This MCX Plugtests event's objective is to verify the compatibility of various implementations utilizing various scenarios based on 3GPP Mission Critical Services.

PSCE Visits the Bavarian Red Cross to Discuss BroadWAY and its Developments

Broadband  |  2023-07-25

The project’s activities and future steps were presented to BRK Director, Dr. Frank.

French ST(SI)² Picks DMR Radio Communications Technology

Narrowband  |  2023-07-21

This robust and reliable radio technology fully meets the specific expectations of High Mountain Gendarmerie Platoons (PGHM), mountain CRS and recently specialized intervention forces.

Insatiable Data Demands Driving Intelsat’s Land Mobile Business

Narrowband  |   Satellite  |  2023-04-20

In a recent session of Thursday Morning Conversations, Via Satellite’s weekly interview series with satellite industry leaders, Intelsat’s Joel Schroeder offered his perspective on the drivers for next-generation, satellite-powered land mobility services.

Hughes Introduces Smart Network Edge Software for Mission-Critical DoD Communications

Broadband  |   Satellite  |  2023-04-19

Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), announced availability of Hughes Smart Network Edge software for defense network operations.

Best-of-Breed MCX Ecosystem Showcasing at IWCE 2023

Narrowband  |   Broadband  |  2023-03-28

All Softil technology enabled, all interoperable, all compliant with 3GPP Release 17; the MCX revolution started at Softil and is accelerating in public safety agencies and utilities.

ETSI Announces 3rd FRMCS Plugtests

Broadband  |  2023-03-26

With the increased need for more throughout, higher capacity and flexible deployment options, FRMCS is being developed based on 3GPP Mission Critical Services.

MCX Enabling Leader Softil Issues State of the Union 2022

Broadband  |  2023-02-15

L3Harris and Sepura Dual-Mode LMR/MCX Devices jointly win Softil’s Accolade of the Year; MCX solidifies global momentum.

Hytera Successfully Tests End-to-End Interoperability of its MCX Application Servers (AS) and Client

Broadband  |  2023-01-19

Hytera successfully demonstrated end-to-end interoperability of its MCX Application Servers (AS) and Client with other vendors' equipment.

BK Technologies Presents its First BKRplay Software - Enabling Operational Interoperability

LTE  |   P25  |  2022-12-07

InteropONE enables an authorized public safety first responder to easily create heterogenous groups on-demand, within minutes.

Overwhelming Success Rate of 96% at 7th ETSI MCX Plugtests

LTE  |  2022-11-14

The goal of the FRMCS Plugtests event was to validate the interoperability of a variety of implementations using different test scenarios based on the 3GPP Mission Critical Services framework with a focus on the rail specific features.

Inrico iConvNet Facilitates Montenegro Government to Improve Urban Management

LTE  |  2022-11-14

After a cyber-attack on its office network, the government decided to retire the legacy communications system and started to look for a more dedicated and secure communications system.

Upcoming 7th ETSI MCX Plugtests Extends Mission Critical Communications Services to 5G

LTE  |  2022-11-02

Plugtests will take place from the 7th to 11th of November 2022 and will be hosted by the University of Malaga, Spain.

7th MCX Plugtests Registration is Now Open - Includes Testing of Mission-Critical Services over 5G

LTE  |  2022-07-26

The 7th European MCX Plugtests, which will take place in Malaga, Spain, from November 7–11, have just opened for registration through ETSI.

CCW 2022 | Handsfree Group Consolidate Global Mission-Critical Services Leadership with Andriod GMS Certification for the R5

TETRA  |   DMR  |   LTE  |   P25  |  2022-06-21

Handsfree Group's R5 Fixed Vehicle Device has acquired full Android GMS Certification, giving public safety and other demanding critical users with enhanced security assurance and secure, up-to-date access to Google Android apps and information.

Kaitec Concludes TCCA Interoperability Test

TETRA  |  2022-05-31

On May 16-18, 2022, the interoperability test of the Kaitec BIC 2040 base station and a non-disclosed English manufacturer of TETRA terminals took place at Kaitec in Germany

ETSI Kicks Off with 6th MCX Hybrid PLUGTESTS

LTE  |  2021-11-08

This Plugtests will take place from 8th to 19th November 2021 as a hybrid event, including remote and assisted on-site testing.