Tetra | Lte | 2019-11-18

Virve Announces RFI for Public Safety Broadband 3GPP MCX Services

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The Virve 2.0 project will implement a nationwide mission critical mobile broadband service for the Finnish public safety and other authorities during early 2020s

State Security Networks Group Finland (Erillisverkot) has launched a request for information (RFI)  for two major procurements to set up a mobile broadband network. This request for information (RFI) marks the start of the next phase of the project by adding 3GPP standards based mission critical voice, data and video services to Virve 2.0.

The RFI is not a request for proposal (RFP), nor an invite to formal negotiations. Its purpose is to gather information about potential suppliers and potential ways to define, procure and implement future Virve 2.0 mission critical services. For example, the answers will help to form requirements in related procurement(s) later on.

Erillisverkot invite answers and comments from all parties working on mission critical broadband communications adn they are especially keen to learn from those who already are or aim to be suppliers of 3GPP defined mission critical services or related elements/functions.

Ari Toivonen, Development Manager at Suomen Erillisverkot:

"It is expected that the current Virve network will be used at least until 2025. However, requirements have increased and authorities also need more data transfer capacity and moving images. Broadband Virve 2.0 brings new features and services."

“Tetra technology is no longer developing and we need to keep up with the rest of the world. That's why we're changing technology. For the user, the transition from old to new will be as smooth as possible."

“The bar is set high because the current Virve is so good. During the transition, the old and new networks are being used in parallel, and people may have two phones with them. At some point, the device in use changes completely. This is more about development than exchange. ”

Participation to this RFI does not in any way bind any party in a potential future invitation to tender.

Suppliers who refrain from participating in this RFI are equally allowed to participate to potential future RFP. Interested suppliers are kindly requested to respond by sending an e-mail to virve@erillisverkot.fi