Vermont State Police Deploys New Avtec Scout Dispatch System

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Avtec LLC, along with Burlington Communications, have completed a major upgrade to the Vermont State Police (VSP) dispatch communication system.

The upgrade includes improved audio consistency and quality across public safety channels, expanded interoperability and survivability for multiple departments, and simplified interconnecting of existing radio and telephone networks throughout the state.

The VSP implemented a new Avtec Scout™ dispatch solution that includes 40 Avtec Scout EX consoles with the addition of Avtec Frontier™ software. This software provides added flexibility with future integrations and enables resource sharing between VSP’s two main dispatch centers, which currently handle 69% of the state’s E-911 call volume, and other Public Safety Answering Points.

The solution also includes:

  • Integration with VSP’s existing Motorola Solutions P25-capable radios as well as KENWOOD and Harris radios used by other state and local departments.
  • Software-only Scout licenses to easily deploy mobile command centers and conduct routine maintenance.
  • National Emergency Number Association (NENA) telephone adaptor units to ensure distortion-free audio to headsets used for radio and telephone communications.
  • Updated Outpost™ Radio Controllers to transmit radio site communications from remote locations directly to the Scout consoles.
  • Customized Eventide recording systems to replicate the recording capacity of the existing units.
  • A new barracks intercom system that allows multiple dispatch centers to manually control doors and transmit voice communications across locations without tying up radio resources.

“Vermont is unique in that we share common radio sites, networks and equipment,” said Terry LaValley, radio technology services director for Vermont’s Department of Public Safety, which handles the planning, design, installation and maintenance of all voice communication systems, including the VSP. “Avtec listened to what we needed to achieve, came back with a solution and made adjustments to accommodate our unique way of using the system. It was a very collaborative effort, and we plan to continue to expand our deployment of Avtec’s technology so that all public safety agency and dispatch system users have interoperability and survivability throughout Vermont. And with ScoutCare™ software upgrades, we now have an evergreen product as well as 24/7 post-warranty tech support from Avtec.”