Tetra | 2019-09-10

Dutch Critical Communications C2000 Network Not Ready For Migration

Source: Verbinding

According to a spokesperson of the Dutch ministry, the new C2000 Public Safety TETRA Network for The Netherlands will probably not get off the ground this year.

It now seems that migration from the current C2000 network to the new network is unlikely to take place before March 2020. The new network was originally scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2017.

“Decision-making on the migration will first shared with the House, and that is not yet the case. if there is something to report, a letter will be sent to the House of Representatives ”, the Ministry of Justice & Security spokesperson responds to questions about the C2000 migration date.

This is remarkable as Minister Grapperhaus wrote as in April of this year: "The renewed C2000 is almost technically ready".I

Today, it is unclear what the development looks like.

Minister Grapperhaus and the IVC (Implementation of the Renewal of C2000, the steering committee for the implementation of C2000) have recently retained migration in November 2019.

The minister wrote to the House of Representatives: “The operational services have indicated that they need at least three months for a careful operational preparation for the migration. As soon as the new system is technically ready, I will make a decision on the migration date based on an advice from the operational services team."

From the moment migration is possible, the involved organizations will receive a kind of "three-months-notice", in which there are three months until the launch moment of the new C2000 network. This so-called three-month notice has not yet been issued. Thus, the different C2000 public safety end users do no longer expect a migration before March 2020.