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Airbus Appoints Wavecom as Value Added Reseller in Portugal

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Airbus announced that Wavecom Soluções Rádio SA has been appointed as Value Added Reseller (VAR) for the territory of Portugal for business development in critical communications. 

In the frame of the agreement, Airbus and Wavecom will deliver high added value through common expertise in communications engineering, namely with Agnet, to companies whose operations depend on the resilience and security of their communications network.

Airbus will benefit from Wavecom’s expertise and experience in the field of designing, building, and operating mission critical and private networks in the enterprise and public sectors as well as their strong presence and experience in the Portuguese market. The latter will provide services such as deployment, operation and maintenance of networks and applications.

Agnet, Airbus’ critical collaboration solution allows individual or group communication spanning from voice, through video and images, to enhanced features such as geo-positioning and team mapping. 
Thanks to this cooperation, Airbus will be able to explore opportunities and address connectivity needs on key verticals such as airports, healthcare, utilities and energy in Portugal. 

“The cooperation with Wavecom will increase our presence in the Portuguese market and reinforce our focus to offer innovative connectivity solutions to the public and enterprise market in Portugal” said Juan Carlos Hernandez, CEO of Spain and Portugal for Airbus Secure Land Communications. “This will fully allow us to address connectivity needs on key verticals such as municipalities, ports, airports and utilities and – together with Wavecom – help companies embrace their technological evolution, with the use of our Agnet solution” Hernandez added.

“This partnership defines a complete added value solution, aiming to help a growing number of companies that are tackling threats to the security, integrity and continuity of their business, through the integration of business critical applications on a managed and secured ecosystem, in which communications are fundamental” announces Mário Rui Santos, Co-CEO of Wavecom      

The VAR Agreement will last until January 2026 and will allow both companies to gain in positioning and market leadership through the implementation and delivery of intelligent solutions to solve public-safety and business communication needs.