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RFUANZ Report: AGM Results and Award Winners Announced

The 26th annual general meeting of RFUANZ was held during the Comms Connect exhibition on 22 June 2022 at Te Pae in Christchurch.

The RUFANZ chairman John Laughton, Chairman  said:

At this meeting I am pleased to advise that a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was tabled, agreed to and signed by the RFUANZ Chair (myself) and Mike Smith, Chair of WISPA NZ.

We look forward to sharing information and working together for the good of all spectrum users in the industry.

We continue to work with ARCIA, with whom we signed an MoU a couple of years ago aligning much of the industry requirements here in NZ with those in Australia.

Training is very much at the forefront of RFUANZ, and we are looking to introduce a Level 4 program by early 2023.

Before I introduce the new team, I would like to acknowledge outgoing members Steve Davis and Steffen Kennerly. Thank you for your contributions throughout the past year.

We welcome two new committee members to the team: Graham Markson and Soren Lowe. Other remaining committee members include David Johnston (VC), Mike Head (Treasurer), Debby Morgan (Secretary), Corey Weir, Carl Garner, Justin Wonderlick and Dale Roberts.