P25  |   Control rooms  |  2022-06-07

Federal Engineering to Assist with New Hanover County Government Center Redevelopment Project

Source: FE

The Cape Fear FD Stonewater selected Federal Engineering, Inc. (FE) to provide public safety technical assistance for the New Hanover County Government Center Redevelopment project.

In announcing the project, Mr. Travis LePage, FE Director stated:

“Federal Engineering is committed to helping the County and Cape Fear FD Stonewater achieve the vision for the Government Center Redevelopment Project through purpose-built, customer-focused, and efficient public safety communications systems and facilities. FE’s senior consultants will assess existing Emergency Communications Center (ECC) operations and technologies including land mobile radio (LMR), telephony, and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems to determine the best way to relocate these and other mission-critical systems to the new communications center.”

Mr. Mike Brown, Project Manager for Cape Fear FD Stonewater, the public-private partnership developer, provided an overview:

“Transition planning involves multiple components, including personnel, facilities, and communications systems equipment including paging, recording equipment, radio equipment, networking equipment, workstations, fire alarm monitoring systems, and weather-related warning systems. FE will work closely with our stakeholders to develop a transition plan that addresses each of these key elements.

The project’s focus will be on the future requirements with respect to the systems in use, identifying the following requirements:

  • System needs to support the dispatch center functionality
  • Backup facility capabilitiesIT infrastructure
  • Radio

"In consultation with New Hanover County, we hired FE because we recognize the transition to a new location will require complex planning and coordination among multiple County agencies, stakeholder, and vendors."

FE will provide a recommended plan to assist the County in determining the required technology and infrastructure changes necessary to equip the ECC to provide continued services, and then develop a transition plan to achieve the move into the facility.”