P25 | 2022-05-31

Federal Engineering Wins Contract to Support State of Florida Implementation of Statewide Radio System Upgrade

Source: FE

As a result of a competitive request for quotes issued by the state of Florida, Federal Engineering, Inc.  has won a contract to support the upgrade of the Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS).

In June 2021, the state of Florida entered a fifteen-year contract with L3 Harris Technologies for the operations and maintenance of the SLERS system and a phased, region by region upgrade of SLERS to SLERS-2, which will be based on public safety standard Project 25 (P25) Phase 2 technology. The project commenced on July 1, 2021, and is currently projected to run through fall of 2024. SLERS-2 is the largest statewide public safety mobile radio network being built today. FE will be providing a wide range of project management and technical support services.

“Our proven risk mitigation methodologies are key to this project. We will document, monitor and advise on mitigating project risk. FE will also participate in project status meetings, technical meetings and design reviews to assist in project planning and furnish timely feedback. We will provide technical subject matter expertise and perform data analysis as required by the project. FE has completed more statewide radio projects than any other firm and we will apply our vast knowledge gained through those projects to assist Florida in implementing a system that meets the state’s needs while minimizing risk,” said Brad Barber, the FE Vice President principally responsible for the SLERS-2 project.