Lte | P25 | 2021-04-30

BK Technologies Expands American Manufacturing Announces Growing Surface Mount Capabilities; Strategic Initiative for U.S.-Based and Secure Supply Chain

Source: BK Technologies

BK Technologies Corporation (NYSE American: BKTI) announced that its American manufacturing operations in Florida has expanded printed circuit board (PCB) assembly capabilities and capacity with the addition of high-specification surface mount technology (SMT) equipment. The expansion is anticipated to double capacity and allow for additional production shifts. The equipment has been deployed, with full production anticipated for May 2021.

With a core objective based in providing world-class quality, value, and responsiveness, BK Technologies launched a strategic initiative several years ago to significantly upgrade its manufacturing processes. Among other things, the initiative included bringing certain activities, such as SMT, in-house while migrating others to U.S.-based manufacturing partners and qualified second sources for backup. This strategy allows for improved quality control and shortened lead-time while guarding against business interruptions, which ultimately yields benefits in product costs, inventory throughput, and working capital management.

As an added benefit, BK’s internal American manufacturing and U.S.-based relationships provide a more secure supply chain. Such a dynamic is becoming increasingly critical, particularly for U.S. Government agencies, in a domestic and worldwide landscape with ever-heightened security concerns.

Randy Willis, BK Chief Operations Officer stated, “BK has ramped up our PC Board assembly operations over the last 2 years to support the KNG family of products as well as the launch of the new BKR product line. Additional manufacturing capability and capacity gives us the best opportunity to maximize quality, minimize costs, and meet customer expectations for a secure supply chain.”