P25 | 2021-02-23

BK Technologies wins P25 deal from new strategic municipal fire customer in Virginia, USA

Source: BK Technologies

BK Technologies Corporation announced that its operating subsidiary captured new business from a strategic municipal fire department in the state of Virginia for BK’s new BKR 5000 Digital P-25 portable communications technology and its KNG mobile communications solutions.

BK President Tim Vitou commented, “At BK, we build products with accountability and integrity. Thus, it is gratifying see continued adoption of our KNG Series mobile communications solutions, complementing our rollout of the new BKR 5000, the first design in a series of new products which includes multi-band technology offerings launching this year. We look forward to meeting this continued demand for lasting and innovative communications technology.”

The KNG mobile communication solution offers exceptional features in a standard size package for both mid and high-power applications. Offered in four frequency bands and two power options, 50 or 100 watts, the KNG Series Mobile is easy to customize to fit first responder’s tactical communication requirements. The KNG Mobile is also available with the option to connect two remote heads for advanced applications.

The BKR 5000 comes in three tiers allowing maximum flexibility and customization for the user’s mission-critical needs and has been designed to meet the requirements of today’s tough Public Safety communications environment. The BKR 5000 was designed and developed by the BK Technologies engineering team with extensive input from customers to incorporate the features and options needed by first responders.

A full line of accessories is available including intelligent battery and charging solutions, IP68 remote speaker microphones, and the popular BK wildland fire alkaline battery “clamshell”. The new BKR 5000 is expected to be a platform that enhances BK’s ability to address significant new vertical markets leading to expanded growth and market share.