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Cooperation Between Automotive and Public Safety Sector Essential for Further Development of 5G & 6G

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | P25 | 2021-03-29

In order to receive a good level of support from the 3GPP, verticals should cooperate more intensively and these kind of cooperations are critical.

Avtec Launches Three New Economical Dispatch Solutions

Dmr | Lte | P25 | 2018-03-01

Avtec Inc. is launching a new portfolio of simplified Scoutâ„¢ solutions that will be sold and supported through its network of authorized channel partners.

JVCKENWOOD Corporation Celebrates 10 Years NEXEDGE Technology

Dmr | P25 | 2018-01-23

JVCKENWOOD today announced the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the KENWOOD-brand NEXEDGE Series of professional digital two-way radios. To mark this occasion a white paper on the NEXEDGE Series is being issued.

Imtradex Strenghtens Partnership with Invisio

Tetra | Dmr | Lte | P25 | 2017-12-08

German radio accesory manufacturer Imtradex announced recently that the comppany created a dedicated department that is taking care about the product portfolio of Invisio communications from Denmark.

PRESCOM and StreamWIDE Demonstrate Interoperability Between LTE MCPTT Broadband and Narrowband PMR Networks

Tetra | Lte | P25 | 2017-11-12

Both companies developed the first version of interconnection between their industrial systems formulating a case study based on an operational scenario of a terrorist attack in a large railway station.

EFJohnson Awards Contract to ESChat with P25 ISSI Interoperability at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

Lte | P25 | 2017-03-14

ESChat and EFJohnson to provide ISSI based secure and interoperable communication between LTE and P25 networks at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.