P25 | 2019-07-31

North American P25 Trunked System Market Hits 1K Deployments

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) has recently published an updated P25 Trunking Systems List. There are currently 1017 P25 Trunking Systems identified for inclusion on the list.

The list was carefully put together by the PTIG and covers known systems in the US and Canada. The list also mentions 10 systems that are in operation in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

There were 194 New P25 trunking systems identified since the list was last published in 2017. Other major trends include a strong migration from P25 Phase 1 to P25 Phase 2 Systems. P25 Phase 1 systems are down from 728 systems to 652 Systems while Phase 2 systems are up from 188 to 364 known systems. In addition, 93 P25 Systems have been merged or consolidated into larger Regional or State-wide P25 systems and are no longer listed as stand-alone systems. The net total with consolidations removed is up 101 systems from the 2017 list.

P25 Conventional Systems are found on a separate list on the PTIG website. There are 1334 Conventional Systems on that list. The grand total of P25 Systems both Conventional and Trunking is 2351.

P25 User Groups

Public Safety remains the primary user type with DoD and Federal Agencies being the other primary user Groups. Additional P25 systems were recognized for Public Works, Utilities, Corrections (non Federal), Business, Airport/Transportation, Universities, Ports and Sports. There is even a P25 deployed at the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church.