P25 | 2019-01-14

PCTEL Announces Grid-Based P25 SINR Testing for Public Safety Networks

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

PCTEL, Inc., announced that it has added P25 Phase 1 SINR (Signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio) measurements to its automated grid-based testing solution for in-building public safety networks.

PCTEL’s innovative public safety testing solution makes verifying public safety coverage efficient and cost effective. The addition of P25 SINR makes it even easier for local jurisdictions to adopt rigorous grid-based testing requirements to keep first responders safe during an emergency.

SINR is included in the latest International Fire Code (IFC) specifications as a measure of signal quality. The traditional method of Delivered Audio Quality (DAQ) testing is a time-consuming manual process that may lead to inconsistent results. PCTEL’s SINR measurements are significantly more efficient, reliable, objective, and repeatable than DAQ testing. This makes it easier to enhance standards to include signal quality, leading to more reliable communications for first responders and other public safety personnel.

“Providing indoor communications coverage for first responders is critical for public safety, but the cost and complexity of testing and reporting procedures can be a major hurdle for government administrators and building owners alike,” said Rishi Bharadwaj, PCTEL’s COO. “PCTEL’s innovative, practical testing solutions cut through these difficulties so that effective standards can be implemented. SINR measurements result in an even more accurate and streamlined testing process that improves performance critical communications in times of emergencies,” added Bharadwaj.

PCTEL’s public safety testing solution automates the grid testing process and provides printable reports that conform with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), IFC, or local codes. The solution combines SeeHawk® Touch scanning receiver software for Android™ tablets and an IBflex® scanning receiver. SeeHawk Touch automates the data collection and reporting process, which can be configured to meet a variety of local requirements. P25 SINR measurements are provided by the IBflex scanning receiver, which can be used for outdoor drive and indoor walk testing as well as grid testing. In addition to P25 coverage and quality testing, PCTEL’s public safety network testing solution and IBflex scanning receiver support testing of FirstNet and other LTE-based public safety networks.