Dmr | P25 | 2014-03-28

Avtec's Pure IP Dispatch Console Receives Tait DMR and P25 Integration Certifications

Source: MCCResources

The company has a long history of supporting open standards, and is a member of the P25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) and Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Association

Avtec, a leading provider of pure internet protocol dispatch console systems, announced today that it has successfully completed interoperability testing between its Scout™ 3.2 software and Tait Communications' Digital Mobile Radio and Project 25 Trunked radio systems. Tait Communications is a global leader in the design, delivery and management of critical communication solutions. Avtec is a member of Tait's Endorsed Global Partner Program, and the completion of these tests is an extension of the commercial relationship established between Avtec and Tait Communications in 2004. Avtec's Senior Vice President of Sales John Suzuki accepted the certificates of interoperability during a ceremony held at Tait's global headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Avtec's Director of Partnerships and Alliances Michael Ridge said that integration testing is valuable to customers because it demonstrates that Scout consoles will work with Tait infrastructure as intended when installed in customer environments. "Since Avtec's Scout dispatch system is built on a pure IP infrastructure, and is compatible with analog and digital communications systems, we also can offer customers a full migration strategy from Tait's MPT1327 radio systems to Tait's DMR Tier 3 trunked solutions," said Ridge.

Avtec has a long history of supporting open standards, and is a member of the P25 TechnologyInterest Group (PTIG) and Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Association. Tait and Avtec collaborate on the open interfaces that define the standards for interfacing with P25 and DMR standards-based networks.
Selecting a digital communication network based on pure IP technology allows organizations to choose from leading standards-compliant LMR vendors and console providers. This provides customers with more options and increased competition, often resulting in lower cost of ownership.