Radio China

Radio China is the No. 1 PMR business journal in China and helping top Chinese PMR manufacturers to develop business in global markets.  

Radio China is a media and event platform to present the latest PMR products designed in China and to promote technical and business interaction in the global ecosystem. As the first ever publication to do what we do, Radio China took the less travelled road. For example, the Radio China team even regularly visits readers,  potential partners or customers of Chinese manufacturers, simply because the organization take it as one of their responsibilities to create value for the industry.

Manufacturers across the world compete with their technical innovations and value propositions. Competition at the end of the day is positive for users, as well as all the rest of the stakeholders of the PMR industry. Among them, Chinese developers and manufacturers are playing an increasingly important role. They are the epitome of decades of evolvement from Made-in-China to Design-in-China, and they deserve to have their voice in the global market.

"We see that it is not the best time for international trade with the rise of trade protectionism, including promoting two-way radio brands originated from China. But we challenged ourselves by asking “if not now, then when?”. It is probably the worst of times, while it is surely the right time to make extra effort for a better tomorrow."



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