Peter Clemons

Peter has been associated with TETRA since 1996 when he wrote his first report on the emerging digital ETSI standard. He set up Clemons Consulting in 1998 and joined the TETRA Association (now TCCA) as an individual member in 2001, founding the TETRA SME Group the same year and becoming its first Chairman, supporting a number of core manufacturers bringing innovative solutions to market.
Peter has a long association with Latin America where he lived and worked during the 1980s and 1990s before returning to his native UK. In more recent times, he has helped a number of core manufacturers set up & develop their businesses across the continent and still has close ties with the region.

Peter is also a former Director and Board Member of the TETRA + Critical Communications Association (representing Spanish manufacturer, Teltronic S.A.U.), TCCA Transport Group member and founding member of the Marketing Group and CCBG (Critical Communications Broadband Group). He is a regular speaker at major PMR events around the world, including Critical Communications World (TETRA World Congress), IWCE, Comms Connect.

In March 2012, Peter Clemons founded Quixoticity, a next-generation critical communications consulting firm focused on the future of global critical communications. Quixoticity has developed special analytical tools modelling the past, present and future critical communications market, focusing on business & value creation models, market research and the impact of emerging technologies on the industry.