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BIPTel Host eThekwini Municipality for a TETRA Users Conference in Durban

BIPTel, in collaboration with their strategic OEM partner Motorola Solutions, recently hosted eThekwini Municipality for a TETRA Users Conference in Durban for all of the municipality’s departments that currently make use of the Motorola Dimetra Tetra Network, including Electricity, Water, Police, Fire & EMS, Disaster Management and Parks & Recreation.

With convergence between traditional communications systems (radio, telephony) and IP based server & network-based systems over the past decade or so, the end user customer environment has also experienced a consolidation of functions and realignment of decision making over technology. Biptel’s response to this quandary is an expanded unified public safety & enterprise security ecosystem portfolio specifically for mission critical user requirements.

Nkuli Shoba - Executive Director at BIPTe said: "As we navigate a new way of working in the public safety space, the need for strategic alignment between Biptel, Motorola and eThekwini on a clear vision, values, and goals is critical. The mission is the starting point, the vision is the destination, and the implementation of our strategic plan is the roadmap that will help us steer from one to another while also achieving the conference theme “PARTNERING FOR IMPACT” to optimise the City’s service delivery framework."