LTE  |   Narrowband  |   Broadband  |  2023-03-10

Huawei & Nokia Launch New Private Networks Initiatives

The private network ecosystem is seeing significant movements from partnerships to product launches. Here are two eyecatching initiatives that have been launched recently.

Huawei revealed a fresh project involving Private Networks at MWC 2023. The Huawei Private Network Alliance, a new initiative from the business, intends to unite top players in the private network industry. The association will give members a forum to exchange knowledge and resources, enabling them to work together on creating fresh Private Networks-related products and services. 

Nokia unveiled another another Private 5G venture. The business is introducing a new initiative dubbed Nokia Private 5G Accelerator with the goal of assisting companies in hastening the implementation of Private 5G networks. Businesses will have access to Nokia's resources and experience through the program, allowing them to easily and swiftly create and deploy Private 5G networks.