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Motorola Solutions’ Connected Vehicle on Tour through Europe

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

Public safety professionals to experience advanced, integrated control room capabilities delivered to the streets.

Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI), a global leader in public safety and enterprise security, is demonstrating the power of its integrated technology ecosystem by taking its Connected Vehicle to the streets of Europe en route to Critical Communications World (Helsinki 23 - 25 May). 

When emergency responders are on patrol, situational awareness bolstered by knowledge, collaboration and efficiency is imperative. Bringing the functionality and connectivity of the control room to the vehicle, Motorola Solutions’ video security systems, digital evidence management solutions and hands-free two-way radios provide frontline teams with comprehensive awareness, which is fundamental to safety, productivity and response.

From its starting grid in Denmark, the Connected Vehicle makes its way across Europe to showcase its fully connected and integrated technology to customers, channel partners and media. The Connected Vehicle makes its tour via Denmark, Sweden and Norway before arriving in Finland where it will be the centerpiece of the Motorola Solutions stand at Critical Communications World. It will then tour through Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and France on its return leg to Motorola Solutions’ Innovation Center in the U.K.

Motorola Solutions’ Connected Vehicle is equipped with advanced cameras and video analytics, software, voice command for safer driving and the latest TETRA radio solutions, helping frontline teams observe and analyze what is happening inside and outside the vehicle. By constantly scanning the surrounding environment, the vehicle identifies and sends immediate threat alerts while providing frontline teams with the tools they need to process, share and save records and evidence with accuracy and efficiency.

“The biggest challenge in incident response today is access to real-time information for safer and more efficient decision making,” said Ian Williams, software consultant for EMEA at Motorola Solutions.“Whether on patrol, conducting a roadside stop or filing evidence for an investigation, the Connected Vehicle can quickly be turned into a mobile command point with  the tools and information that frontline teams need to help deliver better public safety outcomes.”

Advanced and fully integrated solutions within the Connected Vehicle include:

  • M500 in-car video solution – A powerful in-car video system enabled by LTE to provide constant video streaming, real-time alerts and evidence capture.
  • PSCore mobile application – Integrated with Apple CarPlay, PSCore enables frontline officers to manage operational tasks via voice command while on the road. The purpose-built application integrates with existing back-end systems and solutions including Automatic Number Plate recognition (ANPR) solutions to help officers to complete tasks faster. 
  • VB400 body-worn camera – The rugged, high performance body-worn cameras enable the capture of high quality video footage and video streaming for increased situational awareness.
  • MXM7000 mobile solutions – A highly secure modern voice and data communications technology combining TETRA with WiFi and 4G LTE connectivity options.
  • MXP600 two-way radio – A rugged, lightweight TETRA portable radio, with intelligent microphone technology to suppress background noise.

To find out more about the Connected Vehicle and to follow the Motorola Solutions team through Europe, please visit this website.