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Kirisun Aligned to Grow with Markets

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

An interview with Jessica Wang Solutions Director of Kirisun

Our media partner, Radio China, recently interviewed Jessica Wang (Solutions Director at Kirisun) and asked her 5 questions about; here role in the company, the Kirisun Solutions department and the replationshship between Kirisun and its global partners.


Radio China: Jessica, how long have you been with Kirisun? And tell us about your roles in the company. 

Jessica: How time flies! I joined Kirisun in 2006, and I am so proud to grow with the company for the past 18 years, Its a good reflection of Kirisun’s continuous development. In the beginning, I worked as a test engineer in the R&D team for 4 years; then moved to the overseas business development team as the technical support for 7 years; Thanks for those chanlleging but interesting career experiences in technical support team which I gained huge knowledge to join the solution team, and 5 years ago I started to accept another challenge to lead the whole solution department.


Radio China: How did the solution department start to work and contribute to Kirisun’s business growth? 

Jessica: Kirisun started the transformation from radio provider to solution provider in early 2011, later on, with the release of DMR Trunking system, PoC system and Convergent Platform, Kirisun started reciving huge number of end-to-end solution projects from its world wide partner base, which required deep understanding of various verticals to carry out customized solutions to fulfil the needs, that’s why we deicided to establish the solution department in 2018, to focus on industry research, customers listening, and perform as the important bridge between the market and our R&D.

Kirisun solution department has two major functions, product and solutions marketing and field application engineering (FAE), to fully match the transformation of providing products to providing solutions and professional service. The team, in charge of planning and developing solutions for projects, has greatly enhanced Kirisun’s competitiveness in the market. In the past three years of the covid-19 pandemic, although there were restrictions, we didn’t stop progressing. The team optimized and enriched all product & solution marketing collaterals to keep us with the latest market trends and demands; we improved our service capabilities. Right after the pandemic restrictions were lifted, the team was deployed to support and serve partners for different projects across countries.  

Radio China: In the past three years, Kirisun released many new products, allowing the market to see the ability of Kirisun to continuously innovate. Tell us some inside stories of how Kirisun kept the momentum.

Jessica: Kirisun used to have the problem of overlooking the importance of systematically researching market and customer requirements for some new products before determining how the product should be. Over the past few years, we have made great changes and improvements in it, especially since the establishment of the solution department. We have continuously collected customer needs and investigated market trends. My team has formed the right path from refining customer needs and market information, to internal reviews and decision-making, and then starting product development. Right after the pandemic policy is lifted, marketing and FAE colleagues were back to their positions in the front line of overseas markets, communicated face-to-face with our customers, and collect their needs. 

Radio China: Does the solutions department work in a different way from what it used to be? 

Jessica: Indeed we have been optimizing the way our teams collaborate with each other to better support the business growth. Our product marketing engineers and FAE used to support the sales team from the backend and the sales were the major interface with the market. Now we have our sales and product marketing engineer working side by side. In this way, sales managers can concentrate on business development, and engineers have a better understanding of the latest changes in the market while supporting partners and customers. It is good for both business development and R&D.

Radio China: What role does your team play in strengthening the relationship between Kirisun and its partners? 

Jessica: Since setting up the functions of product marketing and FAE, a more detailed division of work has been carried out for these two positions. Kirisun FAE has included after-sales service in the scope of work. In addition to customer on-site training, there is regular online dealer training. In the early stage of cooperation, the "one-on-one" targeted and interactive training not only empowers customers but also gives us timely feedback, so as to improve and optimize the program itself.