Lte | 2021-04-28

Telent to Support Major Communications Refresh in Ambulances Across England

Source: Telent

Telent has been awarded a major contract to upgrade the mobile communications devices in all 11 NHS Ambulance Trusts across England. The contract, which is managed by the NHS Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP), will allow for a more effective and reliable mobilisation communications platform, improving the ability to meet challenging response times for frontline ambulance clinicians during emergencies.

Replacing the existing hardware solution with new and improved future proofed solutions, Telent and the ARP will deliver the Mobile Data Vehicle Solution (MDVS) programme. This will involve the installation and maintenance of advanced radio and data services in an estimated 5,000 ambulances across England, with the option to include Wales. The contract includes ongoing support for the installed hardware solution for an initial period of five years, with the option to extend for a further two years.

Telent’s Operations and Services Director Barry Zielinski said: “Telent is extremely proud to have been chosen to install and maintain advanced communications systems for this vital emergency service and aid their mobilisation times. From our years of experience in delivering large scale emergency service projects, we have the necessary expertise, flexibility, scale and levels of security clearance to work with multiple trusts in locations across England simultaneously and can adapt our approach to each of their individual needs, to ensure a smooth role out and a high level of service.”