Ccr | Lte | 2020-12-16

Siyata Mobile launches Uniden mobile coverage kit

Source: Siyata Mobile

portable, ultra rugged cellular booster improves cellular connectivity for first responders and government agencies

Siyata Mobile Inc. announced the commercial launch of its Uniden Mobile Coverage Kit (MCK), which is intended to empower first responders and government agencies to stay connected even in remote areas where cellular coverage is weak.

Siyata’s Uniden MCK is designed to significantly improve cellular coverage, eliminating troubled areas and dead zones so users can experience crystal clear phone calls and lightning fast data speeds. The ultra-rugged, mobile, waterproof case is equipped with 2 USB charging ports, with the ability to power through 110V power adaptor, 12V lighter plug adapter and is equipped with an external battery for long life use.

Siyata’s Uniden MCK is available on all 4G/LTE cellular networks including Band 14, enabling rapid deployment of enhanced cellular coverage for various government agencies and first responders. This solution deploys very quickly and easily and is ideal for emergency use in remote locations.

Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Siyata, stated, “Now more than ever, we see how critical government agencies and first responders are keeping our communities safe. The Uniden Mobile Coverage Kit ensures that, if used, these heroes may have exceptional cellular coverage to stay connected as they respond to emergency situations. We are very pleased to add this unique solution to our booster portfolio and expect it to be another contributing factor to our anticipated revenue growth for 2021.”