Ccr | Lte | 2020-12-15

Siyata Mobile receives USD $1.6M purchase order for Tier 1 U.S. cellular carrier

Source: Siyata Mobile

Siyata Mobile Inc. said it is pleased to announce it has received a purchase order of USD $1.6 million for devices within the in-vehicle category of its 4G/LTE portfolio for a leading U.S. cellular carrier.

Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Siyata, stated, “We are very pleased to receive this purchase order which is expected to be fulfilled within the first quarter of fiscal year 2021. With carrier approvals, sales teams and multiple large scale distribution channels secured throughout 2020, we believe that we are strongly positioned to benefit from the generational shift of enterprises and first responders transitioning from land mobile radio to cellular networks for their communication.”