Lte | 2019-08-12

FirstNet Passes 750,000 Connections, Performs Faster Than Any Commercial Network

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor

AT&T & FirstNet Speedtest network analysis show super fast network performance for second consecutive quarter

Public safety personnel across the US continue to turn to FirstNet to advance their routine and emergency responses. Nearly 9,000 public safety agencies and organizations have subscribed to FirstNet, accounting for over 750,000 connections in service. 

For the second consecutive quarter, FirstNet brings its subscribers the fastest overall network experience. According to the results of tests taken with Speedtest as analyzed by AT&T, FirstNet once again performed faster than any commercial network.

These results come as the number of markets with the FirstNet Band 14 spectrum nears 650.2 FirstNet now moves quickly with about 65% of the nationwide coverage targets completed. The more Band 14 is beeing rolled out, the more FirstNet is able to provide first responders with truly dedicated coverage and capacity across the country to help them reliably connect to the critical information they need when they need it.

FirstNet said that in the coming months, FirstNet subscribers will be getting another boost in their connectivity. AT&T and Assured Wireless Corporation are working together to develop safe and effective solutions that bring first responders the true benefits of high-power user equipment (HPUE). Following 3GPP standards, HPUE solutions can transmit at stronger signals. This signal increase can only be done using the FirstNet Band 14 spectrum.

That’s huge for public safety. For rural and remote responders, HPUE could triple the coverage range of a cell site. For urban and suburban responders, this will help solve the common challenge of indoor coverage. The stronger signal will be better able to reach those hard to connect places like basements, elevators, stairwells and parking garages, helping first responders communicate inside and out.