Lte | 2019-03-18

Nordic Telecom Develops Mission Critical LTE Network in 410-430 MHz Band

Source: freebit

Nordic Telecom is developing ans LTE network in the 410-430 MHz frequency band, which was newly harmonised by CEPT primarily for the purpose of providing broadband services for critical communications.

This means that the LTE network being developed will be used, for example, for mobile communications of the Integrated Rescue System (IRS) or for communication within critical industries.

In addition to building a new network, Nordic Telecom participates in the 3GPP standardisation activities and participates in the development of the entire equipment, accessories and user applications ecosystem. At the beginning of March, Nordic Telecom and its partners tested the LTE network equipment in the 410-430 MHz band, using chipsets from Japan, Israel and South Korea.

Nordic Telecom's LTE network in the 410-430 MHz band uses technology fully compliant with 3GPP standards. In addition, for the purpose of critical communication, specific functionalities are continually developed based on the global requirements of security and rescue services.